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Positive testimonials from satisfied customers


  • "I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Dr Shien Wang to everybody even remotely thinking about an acupuncture treatment or his wellbeing in general. I went preemptively to consult Dr Wang and already after the first 3-4 treatments I was able to notice drastic changes in my wellbeing, energy levels and sleep patterns." - Brian Voice

  • "Dr. Wang is very professional. He prescribes the right medicine and cures the disease. He also provides some guidance during the face-to-face consultation, which helps patients pay attention to the details of life and recover faster. There are no side effects during the medication period, and the medication will be consolidated later. If I have the opportunity, I would like to experience acupuncture~Health comes first!" - Winnie Wu

  • "Dr Wang is very knowledgeable and a good listener. He analyzes complaints in context. Don't tackle the symptoms, but go to the source. Thank you." - GMJ Deben

  • "We benefit greatly from treatment with acupuncture and herbs. In addition, Dr. Wang is a pleasant and knowledgeable man." - Fam. van IJzendoorn

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